On location Photoshoots

I'm Sarah and if you're looking for a capable, reliable photographer please contact me. I specialise in travelling to your uk holiday destination to capture special memories for you.
On location Equine Shoot

Why hire me?

I am highly enthusiastic, hardworking and personable. I love working with animals and find it a pleasure to work with your furry family members and people of all ages.


How do I book?

The process of booking my photography shoot is simple. Just get in contact with me at:

info@bornbredbuttered.com or

WhatsApp 07736 312 872 

How would I pay?

A daily rate of £150 includes 2 edited RAW files, others may be available for you to purchase as digital files or as gifts on anything within  our product range.

I'll send you an invoice to confirm our photoshoot, ths should be paid 7 days prior to your on location shoot.


How do I choose my portraits?

A reveal meeting will be scheduled at a convenient time to you, here, you will be able to consider any portraits that you would like me to package for you.

Additional digital files can be purchased at this reveal meeting.


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