About Us

We are a Shropshire Lass and a Black Country Wench who have known each other for over 35 years.
Those years have taken us on many adventures and journeys that have given us immense highs and emotional lows.
Time changes everything and we are certainly not the women we were all those years ago, we are stronger, less worried about what the world thinks of us and more relaxed in our own skin.
The time is right for us to put our energy into something we are passionate about. Creativity has always been a constant companion and wherever in the world we've been we've always felt that strong pull of home.
It is these two simple observations that gave us the drive to create BORN BRED & BUTTERED.
Inspired by our own experiences, our roots and the landscape we have grown up in.If you would like something unique that defines you and your journey then please do get in touch.
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